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Flow Regulating Valve

Stainless Steel Sanitary Electric -Pneumatic Flow Regulating Valve

Model NO.:D001010001D

Min. Order:1 Piece

Port:Ningbo, China

Production Capacity:100sets/Month

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

<p><span>Certification</span><strong>:</strong><em>ISO9001</em></p> <p><span>Media</span><strong>:</strong><em>Water</em></p> <p><span>Standard</span><strong>:</strong><em>Standard</em></p> <p><span>Connection Mode</span><strong>:</strong><em>Welding</em></p> <p><span>Power</span><strong>:</strong><em>Pneumatic</em></p> <p><span>Material</span><strong>:</strong><em>Stainless Steel</em></p>

HS Code:8481804090


Specification:ISO, 3A, SGS

Transport Package:Shrink Wrap-Carton Case-Exporting Plywood Case

Origin:Wenzhou City, China

Basic Info

    Model NO.D001010001D

    <p><span>Type</span><strong>:</strong><em>Self-Operated</em></p> <p><span>Material Quality</span><strong>:</strong><em>SS304,SS316L</em></p> <p><span>Standards</span><strong>:</strong><em>SMS,DIN,3A</em></p> <p><span>Seal</span><strong>:</strong><em>EPDM,PTFE</em></p> <p><span>Signal Range</span><strong>:</strong><em>4~20mA</em></p> <p><span>Pressure</span><strong>:</strong><em>1MPa</em></p> <p><span>Temperature</span><strong>:</strong><em>-10~150 Degree Celsius</em></p> <p><span>Flow Kvs</span><strong>:</strong><em>1.6-100kv</em></p> <p><span>Outside Surface</span><strong>:</strong><em>Ra-1.6um</em></p> <p><span>Inside Surface</span><strong>:</strong><em>Ra-0.6um</em></p> <p><span>Size</span><strong>:</strong><em>1"-5",Dn25-Dn125</em></p>

    HS Code8481804090


    SpecificationISO, 3A, SGS

    Transport PackageShrink Wrap-Carton Case-Exporting Plywood Case

    OriginWenzhou City, China

Product Description

    Products Name:Stainless Steel Sanitary Electric -Pneumatic Flow Regulating Valve

    Stainless Steel Sanitary Electric -Pneumatic Flow Regulating Valve
    Stainless Steel Sanitary Electric -Pneumatic Flow Regulating Valve


    Technical Parameter: 

    Nominal Diameter DN25-DN125,1"-5"
    Connection Welding,Clamping,Threaded,according to Pipeline Connection
    Nominal Pressure PN≤1.0Mpa
    Valve Plug Seals Metal or Soft Sealing
    Characteristics Equal Percentage or Linear
    Measure Ratio Max.DN50-DN65 and above 30:1
    Temperature Range -10~150 Degree Celsius


    Selection Reference Data: 

    DIN Size SMS/3A Flow Kvs m³/h The Area of Actuator cm² Effective Distance mm the working range of pneumatic(NC)
    5 bar 10 bar
    DN15 1/2" 1.6 120 7.5 1.7~2.1  
    2.5 1.7~2.1
    DN20 3/4" 4 1.7~2.1  
    DN25 1" 6.3 240 15 0.3~1.1 0.9~3.3
    10 0.3~1.1 0.9~3.3
    DN40 1.5" 10 240 15 0.6~2.2 0.9~3.3
    16 0.6~2.2 0.9~3.3
    25 0.6~2.2 0.9~3.3
    DN50 2" 16 240 15 0.6~2.2 0.9~3.3
    25 0.6~2.2 0.9~3.3
    35 350 1.4~2.3 2.1~3.3
    DN65 2.5" 25 350 15 1.4~2.3 2.1~3.3
    35 1.4~2.3 2.1~3.3
    60 1.4~2.3 2.1~3.3
    DN80 3" 35 350 15 1.4~2.3 2.1~3.3
    60 1.4~2.3 2.1~3.3
    80 1.4~2.3 2.1~3.3
    DN100 4" 60 350 15 1.4~2.3 2.1~3.3
    100 1.4~2.3 2.1~3.3


    The Quality Requirement for Compressed Air Used in Actuator 

    Compressed Air Connection Air Pipe with Air Connection R1/8"(BSP)
    Min.Working Pressure 0.4Mpa
    Max.Air Supply Pressure 0.6Mpa
    Max.Pellet Size 0.01MM
    Max.Oil Content 0.08PPM
    Dew Point 10ºC Lower Than Air Temepature or Lower
    Max.Water Content 7.5g/g

    Operatiing principles

    Constant pressure valve operated by compressed air, automatically run without sensor on piping system ot other auxiliary instruments, and only one compressed air pressure regulating valve that maintains perssure stability can be realized the normal work of the valve.
    Diaphragm slice and valve rod can be fit to transport product an pressure changes to make a quick response, and the corresponding change the valve stem position, in order to continue to keep the preset pressure vavle.
    Constant pressure valve - V: inlet pressure constant , in conveying medium pressure higher than the set pressure under the condition of the valve opens, the transmission medium pressure decreases flow has become, conveying medium pressure is insufficient valve closed.
    Constant pressure valve - A: outlet pressure constant, when transmitting medium pressure is higher than the set perssure under the condition of the valve will be closed, conveying medium pressure decreasees flow changes, conveying medium pressure is insufficient valve opens.



    This valve has two styles:eletric-pneumatic control valve and manual control valve,used in automatic control system to control pressure,capacity,temperaure and tank level.



    Our Service: 

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    On After Sales Free replacement if there is any quality problem
    On Delivery Never delay delivery time 
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