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    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Salse Manager

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      How to better promote the construction of the current enterprise information of the current enterprise information

      2014-07-06 19:24:07   Clicks: 

      How to better promote the current enterprise information construction, the first thing is to find out, what is the scope of the enterprise to get information.Enterprise informatization is a very broad concept, on the whole is the extensive use of information technology, make the enterprise informatization in production, management, etc.The concrete can be divided into three levels.
      1. The enterprise has been used widely in the production of electronic information technology, to realize the automatic production.Such as production design (CAD) automation, automation control, intelligent instruments, the use of the single machine and so on, all use of electronic information technology is a part of enterprise informatization.
      2. The automation, informationization of enterprise data.With electronic information technology to the production, sales, finance, such as data processing, this is the most basic level, a large amount of data the informationization process.
      3. The higher level of management, auxiliary decision system, Intranet, Extranet, manufacturing resource planning (MRPII), computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS), office automation (OA) is used for auxiliary management and auxiliary decision-making, this is a higher level of informationization.
      4. Tax planning enterprise accounting profits.Corporate tax accounting in a variety of tax plan through the planning beforehand, reasonable arrangement of company financing, investment, management, profit distribution, and other financial activities, for purchasing, production and operation, and internal accounting make reasonable decisions, such as tax planning actively, using state regulations not only ensure complete profits tax obligation to increase the "blood" ability, reduce the tax burden, also raised the after-tax profits, realize its sustainable and healthy development."Understand tax, for example, aerospace software ERP" products with the national tax system of information transmission and elements, for enterprise business process involves many tax business processing, for enterprise management decision of zhenhai, to create profit to lay a solid foundation.
      With the deepening of Chinese enterprise informatization, informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises will become the focus of the enterprise informatization, improve the understanding of informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises, to help small and medium-sized enterprise informationization, to promote China's small and medium-sized enterprise informationization play a good role.
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      Author:EarcLink   Source:jiong
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